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What is Reiki?

It is a healing therapy practiced almost everywhere around the world, Reiki is being used in several healing centres including the hospitals, sanatoriums, and in for self care. It is a wonderful alternative healing therapy where there are no medicines or external intakes involved.

Reiki (usually pronounced as Ray-Key) is a safe hands-on method of natural healing that is known to activate, balance and increase the positive energy within us where the use of our own natural ability to take in positive energies is known to restore the body's natural skill to adapt the healing process for itself.

Reiki is known to be both powerful and gentle where the power of energy transfer aids in healing and then putting the body to a relaxed state. It is something that is safe and a non-invasive form of healing for the body where it not just focuses on the mind but also the body. Perth Reiki treatment comes to aid for pain relief, strengthening the immune system, rebalancing the functionality of the organs, eliminating harmful toxins from the body, calming the mind and the changing emotions, aiding in concentration, helping with the grieving process and generally accelerating the body's healing process. Reiki does not find itself affiliated with any particular religious practice or religion of any kind.

A Reiki Session and its Benefits:

Reiki is known to be safe and gentle on the body and there are no contraindications or side effects on the body when there is Reiki availed. It is known to aid and improve the results of all other types of healing or medical treatment that the body undergoes. It is known to be a wonderful alternate therapy in any healing or wellness program. In cases of chronic ailments, One is to avail numerous sessions which is necessary initially to improve the deteriorated health condition and then additional sessions healing Reiki massage in Armadale, Canning Vale and Perth can come to aid as and when necessary depending on the rate of healing and whether the patient would need it or not.

It is known to reduce stress and prevents one from feeling low. A single session of Reiki is known to have positive effects on the mind and body where it tends to stay relaxed.  
A session of Reiki can fight depression and anxiety. It helps in anger management while there is this improvement in the overall mood. 
You tend to be mobile and flexible when it comes to restrictions from joint pains and muscle cramps that were once prevalent. 
If you body has contracted some type of inflammation or infection, it is likely to heal at a faster pace where positive energy gets to overpower the negative ones.  
Some conditions treated with Reiki are:  
Before and after surgery                                                              
Joint Pain-Arthritis
Lack of confidence
Colds and flu
Chronic pain

How is Reiki done?

The Reiki Practitioner is known to rest his/her hands over the receiver’s body that includes a continuing series of hand positions that covers the receivers head, trunk, legs and feet. There is flow of positive energy from the expert’s hands to the receiver’s body. A Reiki practitioner is capable of transferring such energy where they are trained from a Reiki Master who has mastered the art of Reiki with numerous years of experience. The first level makes the practitioner connect to the Reiki channel. The second level makes the practitioner capable of providing distant or remote healing. With the third level, the practitioner becomes fit to become a Reiki Master or a Reiki teacher.

When a person receives Reiki, they experience a feeling of warmth flowing in and around them, thus known to restore energy and balance. There are people who are known to experience a sense of calmness while watching themselves be relived of stress. Reiki is known to be a safe and complementary modality included today in many types of physical or emotional healing where there are no medicinal intakes involved.