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Healing Swedish Massage in Perth to Relieve Aches

There is no better alternative for relieving extreme pain and everyday stress than a massage. A quality massage session can ensure maximum relaxation, rejuvenate your mind and prepare you to get over with the upcoming stress of life.

The most common types of pain relieving massage therapies, Swedish massage is known to be most effective one. At Nicole's Reiki and Massage, we aim to satisfy our clients with effective massage session that serves their purpose. We are here to inform you about the extensive benefits that you can achieve through this particular massage therapy

Swedish Massage – A brief history

It will be interesting for you to know that Swedish massage is not originated from any part of Sweden. In most of the regions in the country, Swedish massage signifies the core form of relaxation and remedial massage therapies. Dutch Therapist Johan Georg Mezger was the man, who incorporated specified techniques in this massage and since then this massage has been popularised counting the extensive benefits.

What We Offer

The techniques we choose for Swedish massage is a perfect combination of traditional and advanced methods of massaging. Our therapist can provide their clients with both gentle as well as vigorous approaches according to their preferences. The specialists, however, recommend initiating the process with gentle movement and then gradually put deep pressure on particular points to make sure the knots and muscle tension are released. It takes a few massage sessions to cure the pain.

Specific Techniques

Our therapist aims to apply deep pressure on the pain prone areas of your body with the target of increasing oxygen level within the blood and releasing the congested waste such as uric acid and lactic acid from the muscles as these are considered to be the prime sources of pain.

Effleurage Method

The experts of Swedish massage apply vertical sweeping strokes on the body. Those strokes re changed from light to firm according to the requirement. As they start their massage session with this technique, the muscle tension gets diminished automatically, and as a result, your body becomes relaxed instantly.

Petrissage Method

The therapist squeezes the muscles gently but with pressure to make sure the massage can trigger deep penetration within the muscles. It helps in releasing the underlying stress within the muscles, letting the body cells breathe.

Tapotement Method

This method is more like a rhythmic percussion that is used at the edge of the hands along with the finger tips for optimum relaxation.

Friction Method

We use the friction method as a part of generating heat within the muscles and warming up the body for deep massage sessions.

Vibration Method

Vibration method, as used in athletic fields is also a vital part of our Swedish therapy under which the therapists focus on relaxing the muscles.

Benefits We Provide:

Physical Relaxation: The physical benefits are considered to be the best that you can achieve by our Swedish massage. It calms down the nervous functionalities of your body and helps you to relax. Moreover, it is very efficient on lowering blood pressure, mitigating the heart rate and improving skin tone. 

Mental relaxation: Our massage sessions will help in diminishing the mental stress and have a sound sleep at night. Moreover, it is equally effective in mitigating anxiety issues and improves concentration power.

Enjoy our unique Swedish massage service and enjoy the relaxation we are here to offer.